1930 gave us some technological discoveries & inventions. We have written a list of the top 5 inventions that were made in the year 1930

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Jet Engine

Invented by – Frank Whittle and Dr. Hans von Ohain

The jet engine was co-invented by Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle. They each did their own thing and had no idea what the other was up to. The first functioning turbojet engine was designed by Hans von Ohain. In 1930, Frank Whittle became the first person to apply for a patent for a turbojet engine. In 1936, Hans von Ohain's turbojet engine was given a patent. Hans von Ohain's jet, on the other hand, was the first to go to the skies in 1939. Jet engines propel the plane forward with a powerful thrust that allows it to travel at high speeds. Gas turbines are another term for them.

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Analog computer

Invented by – Vannevar Bush

In the year 1930, Vannevar Bush, an electrical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, devised the first modern analog computer, commonly known as the differential analyzer. In the 1930s, Vannevar Bush, invented the Disgusted by the time-consuming mathematical computations of differential equations required to solve some engineering problems, Bush and a team from MIT's electrical engineering department began work on a device to solve these equations automatically. The differential analyzer, the original version of their technology, was revealed in 1930, followed by the differential analyzer II in 1935. The machine was created in three versions for military and research purposes.

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Scotch tape

Invented by – Richard G. Drew

Richard Drew, a banjo-playing 3M engineer, invented Scotch tape in 1930. Scotch tape was the first transparent adhesive tape on the market. In 1925, Drew created the first masking tape, a 2-inch-wide tan paper tape with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. He invented the world's first transparent cellophane sticky tape in 1930,�(called sellotape in the UK and Scotch tape in the United States). During the Great Depression, people began to repair rather than replace objects with Scotch tape. This marked the start of 3M's diversification into a variety of markets, which allowed them to thrive despite the Great Depression.

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Invented by – Pat Olivieri

Pat Olivieri was a restaurateur from the United States. He and his brother, Harry Olivieri, are credited for co-inventing the cheesesteak in 1930. Pat's King of Steaks, one of Philadelphia's most well-known producers of steak sandwiches, was founded by the brothers in 1930. Pat offered a cab driver the first half of one for free. A cheesesteak (also known as a Philly cheesesteak, cheesesteak sandwich, cheese steak, or steak and cheese) is a long hoagie roll filled with thinly sliced beefsteak and melted cheese. It is a popular regional fast food that originated in the United States city of Philadelphia.

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Invented by – Wallace Carothers and DuPont Labs

In 1930, Wallace Carothers and DuPont Labs invented neoprene. It is a type of synthetic fibre that was invented in conjunction with another synthetic polymer known as nylon. Wallace Carothers is widely regarded as the "Father of Man-Made Polymers." Wallace Carothers and his colleagues were the first to do research on the acetylene family of compounds. The research that led to these developments also established the presence of macromolecules, which considerably supported Hermann Staudinger's macromolecular theory. The substance, dubbed neoprene, outperformed the natural rubber in some applications and went on to become the first commercially successful, albeit never economical, specialised rubber.

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